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Safe Mold Removal in Nassau County

Mold Removal Nassau County, Mold Damage Nassau CountyIf you see mold, it needs to be removed as soon as possible. Mold is extremely dangerous and should only be removed by trained and certified professionals at ACE Cleaning and Restoration located in Nassau County. The experts will make sure that wherever the mold has appeared will be removed the right way and your home or workplace will be a safe environment again.

Why Do You Need a Professional to Remove the Mold?

Mold is a single organism consisting of multicellular fungal filaments. Mold is caused by water damage and if you see mold, it needs to be removed immediately. Once you have water damage in a certain area, always be aware that you may get mold growing in that same place you experienced getting water damage at. Mold can come in different kinds of colors, sizes, and shapes, but black mold is deadly. That doesn’t mean that a different color of mold isn’t toxic. Toxic mold is usually hard for the naked eye to see, but you will be able to smell it. The common types of mold in the home are Aspergillus, Cladosporium, and Stachybotrys atra (black mold.)

Mold Removal Process

The professionals at ACE Cleaning and Restoration in Nassau County will focus on where the mold is growing and begin to remove the mold right at the source. After the mold is removed completely, then the experts eliminate the water source as well. This is to prevent any future mold appearances.

The mold experts at ACE Cleaning and Restoration will seal off the area that they are working in so that the mold spores do not get dispersed throughout the home. They will also have air pressure machines and blower fans, which is also called “negative air,” to bring clean air into the contaminated space. If any baseboards, drywall, and insulation got contaminated with mold, the professionals will usually discard them and replace them will new ones. Then, they will use an antimicrobial chemical to clean the areas with mold and mold stains. Sometimes they will use a sealant on the area that had a mold issue. The sealant makes it more mold resistant.

Once the mold is removed from the home or the workplace it was growing in, the professionals will then clean the air in the environment. They will clean the air using air scrubbers and air exchange, or HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air.) This means that they will replace the moldy air with clean, fresh air by using extremely easy and simple ventilation. The filters ACE Cleaning and Restoration use must be HEPA filters only. This is because HEPA filters are specially designed to capture all of those small particles that mold spores have. The air must be one-hundred percent clean before their customers can breathe in their home again.

What the Professionals Wear

The professionals who are apart of ACE Cleaning and Restoration in Nassau County will wear proper safety gear at all times when dealing with any type of mold in the building. The professionals should be wearing a full protective suit to protect themselves from harsh chemicals and mold projects that are larger than usual. A high filtration and high-quality face mask is an absolute must, as well as gloves that are made of neoprene or vinyl.