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How To Spot Water Damage In A Walk Through

Suffolk Countywater damage restoration suffolk county, water damage repair suffolk county is a highly desirable location close to the beach and the cities, and realtors are constantly pounding the pavement with potential buyers. If you belong to this throng of buyers, you should know a few things about doing a walkthrough, and one of those things is how to spot water damage from a mile away. The appeal of Suffolk County is that it is close to the beach, however, that comes with the potential for water damage. Now, this isn’t the end of the world and water damage restoration is a very common and repair to do to new homes, but it may be helpful to know what you are getting yourself into while you are walking through a home. Here are some helpful tips for spotting water damage in your potential home. 


Of course, the most obvious sign of water damage is mold, but most of the time a seller will be smart enough to have a water damage restoration company come out and take care of mold if it is visible to a buyer. However, mold can lurk places where it cannot be seen, so if you even smell mold, it might be a good idea to have that looked into before you buy. Or you could at least work that into your negotiation with your realtor. Pay close attention to the bathrooms in the home and make sure that they have proper ventilation fans. 

Soft Spots

You might get a few raised eyebrows if you go throughout the home feeling the walls and floors, but it is important for you to know if there’s a problem. If you feel any give in the plaster on the walls or the floors, usually surrounding the bath or toilet, you will want to get that checked out by a water damage restoration company. Soft walls that lead to the exterior could mean termite damage, but that doesn’t rule out water damage as well. In fact, many times termites are drawn to walls that have water damage. 

Wall Blemishes

If you see any walls that have paint wrinkles, it is likely that it was caused by water pouring down the surface of the plastered wall from a leak in the roof or a busted pipe. These are issues you should bring up with your realtor as you walk through and see if the existing owners are willing to fix the problem or if it has been fixed in the past. If you are worried that your roof is leaky, you should have that checked out before you buy because that is a much bigger and more costly repair than a pipe leak. 

If you walk through a home that you absolutely love and you do see signs of water damage, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a terrible house. There are many water damage issues that can be fixed fairly easily. If you consult a water damage restoration crew, like ACE Restoration, you can accurately figure the cost of the fix into the price of the home and you won’t be paying more than you should. It is important to spot these problems before you negotiate the price of the home.