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How To Handle Flooding In Your Home

long beach flood cleanup, long beach flood repairNinety-eight percent of all homes in the United States will experience some degree of water damage during their lifetime. This is no difference in Long Beach. Causes of this water damage include pipe bursts, leaky sinks, overflowing toilets, unlevel grading, bad weather, improper home maintenance; the list goes on and on. However, no matter how flooding happens, one thing is true in every instance; flooding is devastating, destructive, and can happen to anyone. In accordance with this unspoken truth, we at Ace want to ensure you have the knowledge to safely and efficiently react when water damage strikes at your home. Below, we have compiled a short list of first-response actions to take when there is flooding in your home.

Don’t Panic

One of the worst things you can do when you stumble upon a house flood is panic. This may cause you to run into the turmoil in an effort to save or fix things, but not only can that be harmful to your home, but it can put you directly in the line of danger.

Don’t Try To Fix It Yourself

Water damage often contains varying levels of bacterium, contaminants, and debris. In addition, if it has come into contact with an outlet, wiring, plugs, or any number of electronics, it could also carry a dangerous electrical charge that could in worst cases be lethal if contacted. In addition, there are many quick-fix, DIY “hacks” that promise easy ways to address water damage. Avoid these at all costs, because not only can they harm you and your loved ones in your household, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, they can cause further damage to your home and make things irreparable. In order to keep things from getting worse and to keep you and your home in the best shape possible, seek professional help.

Turn Off Water And Electrical Sources

If you can identify the source of the water and can safely get to it, shut it off. If it comes from an appliance and you know you can safely get to it, turn off the appliance. However, if you cannot safely reach the appliance, shut off the water to the whole house. In addition, if at all possible, you’ll want to shut off the electricity to prevent serious danger. However, if you cannot reach your fuse box, do NOT enter the area, and call a professional.

Call A Restoration Company

A restoration service near you is fully equipped to handle any degree of water damage your home may throw at them. They will safely and efficiently remove any water and do all they can to salvage as many as your personal belongings as possible. Oftentimes, these companies can make your space look good as new. When you go through a restoration service, you can rest assured that your home will be safe, clean, and handled in a timely manner. Most restoration services even offer a 24/7 emergency response hotline. If you live in the Long Beach area, you can contact Ace Cleaning and Restoration for an immediate emergency response.