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What To Do During A Sewage Cleanup

sewage cleanup long island, sewage damage cleanup long islandHaving a sewage problem in your home may be the most frustrating and disappointing thing to ever happen to you. It is just not fun. This is why there are sewage cleanup professionals in Long Island at Ace Cleaning! Sewage is disgusting. There’s no way to get around that. But did you know that sewage is actually very dangerous for your health? So don’t feel guilty about running straight out of your house and calling a sewage cleanup crew when you discover a backup. In fact, the professionals prefer that you do this. Here are the things you should do when there is a sewage problem. 

Call Professionals

The first thing you should do when you need sewage cleanup professional help is to call a sewage cleanup professional. There is no person better equipped to handle a backed up system and get your home to livable and smelling fresh again. These professionals have years of training and experience that makes them perfect for the job. So don’t even think about guilting your partner, your neighbor, or your church group to help clean out your basement when it is flooded with your neighborhood feces. Just do the right thing, and call the professionals who know how to deal with this dangerous and gross substance in your home. 

Call Utilities

Another call you’re going to need to make immediately after you call your sewage cleanup company is your utility company. Depending on what the problem is, they may need to shut off the sewer lines to your home until this problem is dealt with. No matter what the issue ends up being, they may need to have someone come out to check on your home. If you have your own sewage system, you may just need to call a technician to come out and figure out what the problem was. 


If you are having a sewage cleanup company restore your home, your insurance may cover it, so you should definitely fit them into your schedule of outgoing calls. Once you call them, they will want you to have a well-documented explanation of the damages. Your restoration company can help you with this process by giving you invoices and estimates, but if you have any physical items that were destroyed in the sewer crisis, you will need to have documentation of all of these items. You can take pictures or write a spreadsheet, but it is very important that you stay organized in this part of the process. 

Sewage cleanups are nasty and disheartening, but when you have a professional restoration company on your side, you can rest at ease knowing that your home is in good hands. So if you have a sewer problem on your hand, don’t try and handle it on your own. Call professionals to deal with the mess quickly and safely. Sewage really can be very dangerous to be around, so don’t spend any extra time trying to clean up beforehand, just get out of your home immediately and call the professionals.