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Your Flood Damage Cleanup Safety Checklist

long beach flood damage cleanup, flood cleanup repair long beachFlood damage cleanup is much more than simply removing floodwater from your home and drying it out. There are several different dangers and roadblocks that are common in the flood damage cleanup process. Below are a few different safety concerns that we at Ace Cleaning in the Long Beach area recommend you be aware of going into cleaning up the aftermath of a flood.

Electrical Issues

Floods are notorious for compromising electrical systems. Beyond just damaging your electrical systems, it can also pose a danger to you. If you are not careful entering into the water after a flood, you face the risk of being electrocuted.

Structural Damage

Flooding can cause structural damage in two main ways. First, the initial force of the floodwater could damage the structural integrity of your home. Second, the water can gradually break down and weaken your home’s structural foundations over an extended period of time if it is not taken care of quickly. This is important because structural damage caused by flooding may be internal or very hard to see the meaning that you may be at risk of structural collapses when being in your home after a flood.

Be Cautious Of Potential Mold Problems

Mold is almost always an issue that follows a flood. This is because a flood spreads moisture throughout your home and it is very difficult to find and remove all of that moisture before mold begins to grow from it. Mold spores are typically not extremely dangerous, but they can cause irritation and respiratory problems, especially for those with weak immune systems.

Look Out For Insects, Snakes, And Other Animals

Flood water in your home will attract all kinds of unwanted attention. Some of the most common insects it attracts are earwigs, ants, and cockroaches. On top of that, rodents like rats and mice are also attracted to flooded houses and could become a problem very quickly. Finally, snakes are another issue to consider. They may be a brought in with the floodwater but are more likely to be attracted to the moisture in your home. You should check which snakes in your region that are attracted to the water to know what types of snakes you would be most likely to find in your home after a flood.

Make Sure Your Food And Water Are Sanitary

After a major flood, you should not eat or drink anything that is in your house until it can be determined that it was not contaminated by the flood water. Flood water often carries harmful bacteria and microorganisms that, if ingested, can lead to serious diseases like cholera, typhoid fever, and diphtheria. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

All floods are different and have their own hazards and difficulties that they bring. However, most of the dangers in flood damage cleanup that you will ever encounter are listed above. Knowing what to be prepared for doesn’t mean you should take on the cleanup process yourself though. If your home is flooded and you live in the Long Beach area, give us a call at Ace Cleaning so we can handle the cleanup process for you by restoring your home and keeping you safe in the process.