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Tile, Grout & Stone Cleaning

In recent years tile & grout and natural stone have become increasingly more popular in today’s indoor environments as a choice to replace carpeting on floors and Formica on counters. Tile and natural stone are beautiful and durable, but do become soiled and dull over time without proper maintenance.

Take a moment and look at your tile floor – look at the grout lines in the traffic area. What do you think? Now, look at the same grout lines at the edges of the wall, or, better yet, remove that oven pan storage compartment at the bottom of your stove and look at those grout lines. See something you like?

The Process

Grout, natural stone, and even tile contain pores that can trap soil, bacteria, and other contaminants. Regular mopping simply pushes the dirt around and can make your floors look even dirtier! At ACE Cleaning & Restoration, we use a specialized tile and grout and natural stone cleaning process that targets these embedded soils and extracts them for a clean healthy floor.

Step 1: The Pre-Cleaning Inspection
An ACE Certified Technician will inspect the tile or stone surface and communicate expected results with the client. This also allows the client to address specific trouble areas and concerns.

Step 2: Pre-Treatment
A low pressure spray application of an “exclusive emulsifier” and “soil lifter” will be applied to the tile surface and grout lines. After sufficient dwell time, our tile cleaning technician will use a stiff bristle brush and scrub the grout lines thoroughly to loosen embedded soils.

Step 3: High Pressure Rinse & Extraction
Truck mounted water extraction equipment is then used with a high pressure and high heat attachment with a rotary tool to completely rinse and extract grime away. Careful attention is given to stainless steel appliances, baseboards are cleaned, and corners are also restored to like new.

The Results
An amazing looking tile floor with no more spots or dirt, with grout that looks brighter than ever! We also offer a tile and grout sealer that can be applied at the time of service to preserve the like new look for years to come.

What would your TILE say? How about, “I feel like new again, no more spots or dirt, and my GROUT looks BRIGHTER than ever THANKS to ACE!

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