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We arrived home to a flood at 330 pm on a Sunday. We called Ace and in 90 minutes later Kevin and his crew were here with 4 trucks to begin the clean up. They worked until about 10 that night and were our constant companions for the next week. They are EXTREMELY professional and so trustworthy that we had no problem leaving them alone when we had to go out. Ace has our unqualified recommendation. – Stanley L.

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Your Premier Destination for Rapid and Effective Water Damage and Mold Removal in East Moriches NY

Water Damage Cleanup East Moriches NY
Welcome to Ace Cleaning & Restoration, where we offer top-notch mold inspection, mold cleaning, and water damage restoration in East Moriches, NY. Recognizing the need for immediate action when dealing with water damage or mold contamination, we are committed to timely and effective solutions, specializing in black mold removal, flood damage repair, and frozen pipe water damage repair.

Our 24/7 availability ensures we’re there when you need us most. Our highly trained team of mold specialists can be on-site swiftly, equipped with the latest technology for water removal, water damage cleanup, and mold remediation. Our comprehensive water damage restoration process covers everything from locating the water source to the final cleanup, ensuring your property returns to its pre-damage condition.

Ace Cleaning & Restoration: Your Trusted Partner for Water Damage and Mold Services

Facing the cost of water damage repair, mold treatment, and flood cleanup can be daunting. That’s why we offer free estimates and mold inspections. Our dedicated team in East Moriches will work closely with your insurance company, simplifying the claims process so you can focus on restoration.

At Ace Cleaning & Restoration, we are more than a mold remediation company or water damage restoration company. Our history in the community dates back to 1998, and we take pride in our strong community ties. As a family-owned business, we prioritize your needs, ensuring a personalized and caring service. Contact us today, and let us help you restore your property and peace of mind.

Comprehensive Water and Mold Remediation Services in East Moriches

Water Removal East Moriches NYWhether it’s storms, faulty plumbing, or appliances, Ace Cleaning & Restoration is your go-to for water damage and mold cleanup services in East Moriches. Our water damage restoration includes thorough water removal, drying of affected areas, and preventive measures against mold growth.

Quality Mold Remediation Services for a Healthy Environment

Our team of certified professionals at Ace Cleaning & Restoration excel in mold treatment and removal, using industry-standard techniques to ensure a safe environment. From inspections to mold cleaning and removal, we ensure a comprehensive solution.

Restoring Basements, Crawlspaces & Addressing Frozen and Burst Pipe Water Damage

We specialize in flooded basement and crawlspace water damage cleanup, as well as tackling the challenging issues of frozen pipe water damage, especially during the harsh winter months. Our services are comprehensive, covering everything from frozen pipe water cleanup to burst pipe repair. We understand the urgency and inconvenience caused by burst pipes in winter, and our team is equipped to handle both frozen pipe burst incidents and broken pipe water damage with professionalism and speed. Our expertise extends to burst water pipe repair, ensuring that the integrity of your plumbing is restored to its best condition.

In addition to repairs, we place a high emphasis on burst water pipe cleanup, diligently removing all water and moisture to prevent mold and further damage. Trust us to be your dependable partner in navigating and resolving all issues related to burst and frozen pipes.

Quality Mold Remediation Services for a Healthy Environment

Mold Removal East Moriches NY

Our team of certified professionals at Ace Cleaning & Restoration excel in mold treatment and removal, using industry-standard techniques to ensure a safe environment. From inspections to mold cleaning and removal, we ensure a comprehensive solution.

Professional Sewage Damage Cleanup and Removal

We also provide sewage damage cleanup services in East Moriches. Our team follows strict protocols to safely remove sewage, restoring affected areas while prioritizing your health and safety.

Ace Cleaning & Restoration: Your Local Water & Mold Removal Company

Choose Ace Cleaning & Restoration for high-quality water damage and mold cleanup services in East Moriches, NY. With our 24-hour hotline, immediate assistance, or scheduled appointments, we’re always here to help. Trust us with your water damage and mold remediation needs, and let us restore your property to its best condition.

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Learn More About East Moriches NY

On July 17, 1996, East Moriches gained international recognition when TWA Flight 800 exploded and plunged into the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 8 miles off the coast. In response to the emergency, the U.S. Coast Guard Station in East Moriches played a crucial role as a base for emergency responders. It was also where the bodies of the victims were initially prepared for transportation. To facilitate media coverage of the unfolding news, a helipad was constructed at the station, serving as a hub for news crews and their equipment.

Presently, there are memorial parks dedicated to honoring the lives lost in the tragic crash. These parks feature a plaque bearing the names of the victims. The investigation into the explosion, which claimed the lives of all 230 passengers and crew members, concluded that a short circuit triggered the explosion of the center-wing fuel tank. However, various alternative theories regarding the incident continue to exist.


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